The consortium is formed by 8 partners from 4 European countries (France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands).

The composition of the consortium has been optimized on the basis of the intended exploratory nature of the project, which aims at addressing an innovative approach, with a clear exploitation path.

All partners have experience of European projects and some of them have also already cooperated in past projects.

The collaboration in BeforeHand will be an intensification of the actual network and is shown here below.


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Raffaella Calarco
Project coordinator

She received her Master's degree in Physics in 1996 from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. She holds a Ph.D. in Material Science in 2001 from the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy. From 2000 to 2001 she worked as a Post-Doc at the University of Aachen (RWTH), Germany. From 2001 to 2010 she was with the Research Center Jülich, Germany. In 2010 she was with PDI. Since September 2019 she is with CNR-IMM Rome, Italy. Her current research interest focuses on phase-change materials for memory applications.

cecchi pic
Stefano Cecchi
PDI's Responsible

He received his Master's degree in electrical engineering in 2009 from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. In 2013 he got his Ph.D. in Physics from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. From 2013 to 2015 he worked as Post-Doc at CNR-IMM Agrate Brianza, Italy on MOVPE growth of chalcogenide thin films and nanowires. Since 2015 he develops chalcogenides and related superlattices for memory applications at PDI.

longo pic
Massimo Longo
CNR-IMM's responsible - WP2 leader

He received his Master degree in Physics in 1993 and holds Ph.D. in Physics in 1998. In 1998-99 he was a Post-Doc researcher at the University of Lecce (Italy). In 1999-2007 he was a researcher for INFM at the University of Parma (Italy). Since 2007 he is a staff researcher at CNR-IMM Agrate (Italy). He is responsible for the research group dealing with the MOCVD growth and study of chalcogenides for Phase Change Memories, spintronics and thermoelectrics.

darrigo pic
Giuseppe D'Arrigo
WP3 Leader

He received the Laurea degree in Physics from the University of Catania, Italy, in December 1998. From 2007 he with the CNR-IMM Catania and he is the responsible of EBL facility, of a 6" Thermal Evaporator and of a Nanoindenter-Nanoscratch for Material Mechanical Nano-characterization. He focused the research activity on innovative nano-scaled PCM-Memories (Phase-Change Memory).

annunziata pic
Roberto Annunziata
STMicroelectronics's responsible

He received the Laurea degree in Physics at the University of Milan, Italy, in 1986. In 1988 he joined STMicroelectronics, working on Non Volatile Memories process architecture. Until 1998 his work was focused on the development of Flash memories. Currently he is working on embedded PCM development in the Technology R&D Department of STMicroelectronics.

arciprete pic
Fabrizio Arciprete
URTOV's responsible

He received his Master's degree in Physics cum laude in 1991 from the University of Rome Tor Vergata and obtained his PhD in Physics in 1995. Since December 2015 he is Associate Professor (permanent staff) of Condensed Matter Physics at the Department of Physics, University of Rome Tor Vergata. In 2014 and 2015 he spent some months as Guest Scientist c/o PDI in Berlin, Germany. His current research activities include growth and characterization of 2D crystals and Phase Change Materials.

kooi pic
Bart J. Kooi
UGRO's responsible - WP4 Leader

He is a full professor in the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials of the University of Groningen. He received his MSc (cum laude) and PhD degrees in Materials Science from Delft University of Technology in 1990 and 1995, respectively. He worked since 1995 as post-doc, assistant and associate professor in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Groningen. His research focusses on nanostructured materials and interfaces, structure-property relations and micro- and nano-structural evolution of materials.

battaglia pic
Jean-Luc Battaglia
CNRS-I2M's responsible

He is the leader of the Thermal Imaging Field and Characterization Group (TIFC) at CNRS-I2M of the University of Bordeaux (UB). TIFC, founded in 1995, is a leading research group with a unique experimental laboratory for thermal properties measurement from the macroscale down to the microscale.

bernasconi pic
Marco Bernasconi
UMB's responsible

He is full professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Milano-Bicocca since 2016. He holds a Ph.D and a Master in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics from the International School for Advanced Studies SISSA-Trieste (1993 and 1991) and an undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Milano (1988). He spent few years as a postdoctoral fellow at SISSA (1993-1994) and at the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Festkoerperforschung in Stuttgart, Germany (1994-1996). His current research activity is focused mostly on phase change materials for data storage.

anon pic
Marie-Claire Cyrille
LETI's responsible - WP5 leader

She received her PhD in Physics in 1996 from University Joseph Fourier. She spent three years as post doctoral fellow in the physic's department of University of California –San Diego developing and characterizing spin valve based magnetic sensors. In 2000, she joined IBM (Almaden Research Center) as a project manager on magnetic recording heads nano-fabrication. In 2003, she moved to Hitachi GST (San Jose- California) as a project manager on CPP-GMR and CPP-TMR read heads products based on magnetic tunnel junctions. In 2006, she joined CEA where she coordinated the spintronics activity at CEA-Leti/DCOS (Grenoble). Her activity mainly focused on process integration of magnetic devices. In 2017 she joined the Advanced Memory Device Laboratory leading PCRAM technology related projects.