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CNR-IMM has a dedicated web page for the Project.

Within the official web page of The University of Tor Vergata two press information on the BeforeHand project can be find here and here.

On the 26 September 2019, STMicroelectronics and IMM-CNR organized and hosted the event "Notte della ricerca" (https://www.mdm.imm.cnr.it/events/notte-della-ricerca; Agrate Brianza, Italy), with the goal of promoting interest and careers in microelectronics industry and research. The event gathered a few hundred of undergraduate students from different Italian universities. During the laboratory tour and the so called "speed date" (one-to-one fast talk between researcher and students) basic concepts of phase change memory and goals of active research projects in this area, including BeforeHand, were given by R. Cecchini.


URTOV unit was involved in the “European Researcher's Night, 2020” public event https://www.teravista.it/unitov/ it was a virtual event due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
Very recently URTOV was also involved in the advertising campaign of Department of Physics to promote the Degrees in Material Science and in Physics.